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Vespa Diamond Burnishing Pads – 14″ to 27″ Sizes

Vespa Diamond Burnishing Pads, with added circular diamond resin pattern,  delivers comparative polished results to mechanical diamonds at a more economical price.  Innovative design enables more efficient cleaning, restoration, burnishing & buffing of concrete, terrazzo & natural stone to desired polish.  Reversible with embedded diamonds on both sides delivers double the utility & longevity.

Additionally, Vespa Diamond Burnishing Pads efficiently remove scratches, etch marks, soiling, surface imperfections & completely restores problem floors.  Innovative stiff, open-weave design enables improved self-cleaning, heat dissipation & durability.

Vespa Diamond Burnishing Pads can be operated wet & dry under auto scrubbers, high-speed burnishers & larger grinding & polishing machines.  Expect pad life from 5,000 to 8,000 square feet.

  • Wet & Dry
  • 1″ (25mm) Thick
  • 40-50 kg/m3 Denisty
  • Virgin Polyester
  • Color Coded Grits
  • Resin Diamond Design
  • Reversible

Color Coded Grit Sequence:

  • Light Blue (30 Grit):  Extra coarse mesh for deepest scratches & heavy-duty surface renovation.
  • Blue (50 Grit):  Coarse mesh for deep scratches & heavy-duty surface renovation.
  • Gray (100 Grit):  Medium coarse mesh for moderate scratches & medium-duty surface renovation
  • Yellow (200 Grit):  Medium mesh for moderate scratches & medium-duty surface renovation.
  • White (400 Grit):  Coarse mesh for moderate to heavy-duty surface renovation.
  • Green (800 Grit):  Medium mesh designed for deep cleaning with economical light reflective finish.  Commonly utilized for large industrial & commercial applications.
  • Red (1500 Grit):  Fine mesh for cleaning & polishing.  Produces clear reflective shine.