Diamond Tool USA Asphalt, Asphalt Over Concrete (AOC) & Green Concrete Diamond Blades are Made with the Highest Quality Diamonds  & Tungsten Carbide Bonded Matrices to Increase Longevity, Cutting Speed & Performance.

Diamond Tool USA Utilizes Wedge Diamond Segments, Carbide Inserts & U-Gullet Steel Cores to Provide the Maximum Undercut Protection on Abrasive Materials.

Diamond Tool USA Oversized .395 (10mm), .500 (12mm), .600 (15mm)  Diamond Segments and Regional Specific Bonds to Maximize Lineal Footage & Cutting Rates.

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Asphalt Diamond Blades

Premium Quality, Asphalt Diamond Blades are made utilizing high grade diamonds, U-gullet core, carbide inserts & hard tungsten carbide bond to provide faster cutting action, increased footage & maximum performance on asphalt, green concrete, lightweight concrete block & abrasive building materials.  Use on High Speed Gas Powered Saws & Walk Behind Saws up to 20HP.

  • 1″/20mm Arbor w/ Drive Pinhole
  • Undercut Protection
  • Wet & Dry
  • 12mm (1/2″) Segment Height